About Us

Founded in 2002, A43 is a multidisciplinary architecture studio.

Working the essence of architecture… people.


A43 is an award-winning international architecture/design studio with a studio in Portugal (Vila Nova de Gaia – Porto) working globally in various markets. ​

​With an interdisciplinary practice, we combine expertise in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and planning, with integrated sustainability and urban design capabilities. ​

​We focus our architectural research on a new innovative approach to architecture, combining science and art in an attempt to understand the relationship between the environments/spaces, people, and their perception.​

We make the bridge between architecture and emotions!

Our Purpose

Determined and focused on good ideas uniting Nature and Human Being, A43 seeks through architecture, to capture and inspire modern life, through spatial timelessness. ​

The vision of A43 focuses on four key elements:​


The development of a project focuses on a dedicated commitment to a strong process of design/drawing. There are three interdependent elements – discovery, design, and delivery – that work in harmony to produce results​.

Research and discovery

These are the most important elements in the development of a process, and we must first analyze customer expectations, program review, site analysis, and considerations of context, thereby creating a credible assessment of the project’s design and processes. Through interdisciplinary teamwork, drawing from our experience, these assumptions are the center of new ideas, new arguments, and new solutions accordingly​.

Customer service

Our clients’ challenges are the reason we exist. Our project team continually seeks to understand our clients’ world and develop solutions to achieve their objectives.​


Well-designed buildings comprise many different levels of meaning. The design of a space is a powerful catalyst for business transformation, culture, and the way we live and work today.​

Good design is something that reveals the transformation that changes the human experience. If you do not understand the emotional state of the human being inside a building, this transformation will never be meaningful. ​

For a good design to work, it has to impact not only human thinking and behavior, but also many other senses and meanings.

Sustainable Design

A43 is dedicated in the development of their projects within a constant search for sustainable solutions that contribute to a significant improvement in the construction of its projects, to improve the world and its energy consumption.


Through partnerships, we achieve more sustainable process design in the market sectors we serve and in the cities where we live and work.


A43 is always looking for opportunities to contribute positively in the community where projects are being developed or where it operates, through consultation with small businesses that can participate in the construction of our projects and processes.

small businesses that can participate in the construction of our projects and processes.

Our Achievements

Miami Architecture Biennial

November 2009

3rd Exhibition of the generation “Awarded Young Architects”

November 2010

Denver Architectural League (Honorable mention)

July 2013

Architecture Aluminum Technal

December 2013