Architecture: The relation between Nature and Human

What makes us admire a building?

What makes us want to be near a building?

What does the building make us feel?

The first time I was necessarily “attentive” to a building, I was still an architecture student and by being attentive, made me realize that there are many dimensions that architecture can “reach” us in order to use the space unconsciously.

At the time, I went through some of the remarkable buildings by Siza Vieira and other world figures, and it became clear to me in my soul that there was something they all had in common, but the shape was always different.

I agree with Frank Lloyd Wright when he quotes Laotze, saying that the space between matter is what gives us truly the “fourth dimension”, which means what we feel and how the building makes us feel.

Above all, it is this presence of the invisible that allows us to understand that Architecture is something that is directly connected with the Human being when the Human being – Architect – who develops it, is well aware of its importance and uses all the elements of its essence to “work” for those who will use the space in the future.

The values that Nature presents to us by its essence are the elements that we should take into account in a first approach. Then, and in a deep relationship with the previous one, we should consider the essence of the Human being, considering all its intrinsic and emotional aspects that we can perceive in behavioural science.

Summing up, the development of Architecture should contain the values and consider the relation between Nature and Human Being in its deep and conscious study. In this way, we can accept that architecture will contain a new dimension – emotion – that will lead us to a healthier building, from the Human point of view and in its relationship with Nature.